Saturday, November 14, 2009

Keith Olbermann's Side-Splitting LOL Sendoff of Lou Dobbs

HAHAHA ... KO's MUST-WATCH impression of Lou Dobbs is A CLASSIC, righ up there with his Bill-O the Clown. Don't worry, Keith, you'll still have Lou's radio show to ridicule him.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Lou Dobbs Takes Time Off to Reassess Priorities ... With Tequila Bottle in Hand

Former CNN News Anchor Lou Dobbs was last seen heading for sunnier climes south of the Rio Grande. Here is Dobbs on a party break in Tijuana with his new amigos. Claiming he was desentendido, Dobbs handed out copies of his moving farewell statement to anyone who would take them:

“En este momento estoy considerando varias opciones y direcciones, y les aseguro que se los haré saber cuando fije el rumbo. Realmente creo que los principales temas de nuestra época incluyen el crecimiento de nuestra clase media, la creación de más empleo, atención médica, política inmigratoria, el medio ambiente, el cambio climático, y nuestra participación militar, por supuesto, en Afganistán e Irak.

Pero cada uno de esos temas se encuentra influenciado, en mi opinión, por nuestra capacidad de demostrar la gran resiliencia de nuestra economía capitalista, actualmente debilitada, y de demostrar la disposición política para superar la falta de verdadera representación en Washington, D.C.

Creo que esos son temas profundamente importantes y fundamentales, y continuaré realizando esfuerzos para tratarlos de manera honesta y sin vueltas en el futuro.

Desafortunadamente, esos temas se definen ahora en la arena pública por pertenencia a partidos e ideología en vez de un razonamiento riguroso y empírico y análisis y discusión franca y sincera. Trabajaré con diligencia lo mejor que pueda para cambiar eso. En cuanto al importante trabajo de restaurar la inspiración en nuestra gran sociedad libre y nuestra economía de mercado, me esforzaré también por ser un líder en ese diálogo nacional.”

~ Compañero Louis Dobbs ~

Bears Fix

I may have listened to too many of the callers to B&B this afternoon, but here's what I think is wrong with the team and how to fix it:

People accuse Lovie of being unemotional, but I think that it all starts at the top. Where's Virginia? Why isn't she on the sideline, getting into Cutler's face after every INT? Why isn't she screaming at the D-Line every time they go offsides? How the hell can they expect to win with an elderly woman running the show? What they need to do is sell the team, and get some real emotion going. First, I'd put together an ownership team of Da Coach and JP Morgan, cause he was richer than God. Then I'd hire the reanimated corpse of Genghis Khan to run the offense, Doug Plank to run the D, and I'd bring in Jim Cramer to give the halftime speeches. I'd have a team of rabid dogs on the sidelines and unleash them on any player who makes a stupid penalty. I'd ban any hair that showed outside the helmet, music, and books other than the playbook. Players with tattoos would get cut, unless they were of their mom or Sweetness. I'd turn Soldier Field into a
dome, make it 15 degrees for every home game with 32 mph winds, and get snow machines in to cover the field, while at the same time banning long sleeves.

Oh, and I'd move Chris Zorich to linebacker.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Lou Dobbs, CNN's resident racist (below) has QUIT, effective immediately!

Joe Wilson and anonymous Dobbs fans (below) were disconsolate:

Heh, exquisite timing ... This blog's work on Dobbs is done, unless and until he once again raises his ugly, racist head. Question: Will Geraldo Rivera quit FOX News if Dobbs lands there? Stay tuned.

For now, no further comment is necessary. WE ARE PLEASED.

Sí Se Puede.

WARNING: Any Offense to Beckistas and FOX News Worshippers IS Totally INTENTIONAL!

Dear Beckistas, (double dipping) TEA BAGGERS, "FOX IS NEWS" Cultists:

If you have a HEART ATTACK watching this video, CALL 911. (NO, NO ... NOT 912!!!)

I'm sure your GREAT HEALTHCARE INSURANCE will take care of you.


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125,000 Signatures and Counting: Tell Harry Reid to Punish Joe 'Low-Blow' Lieberman

Progressives and liberal Democrats are united: Senator Joe 'Low-Blow' Lieberman should be stripped of his chairmanship of the Homeland Security Subcommittee if he reneges on his pledge to fellow caucus members to play a constructive role on key votes, meaning no filibuster of Democratic bills. Setting aside his open support for John McCain's presidential bid, this time Lieberman stabbed Democrats in the back at a critical juncture in the healthcare debate by crowing to FOX News he will filibuster any Senate healthcare reform bill with a public option, thus preventing an up-or-down vote.

With this open display of contempt for President Obama and the Party leadership, Lieberman -- the ostensible "Independent"-- gleefully thumbed his nose at 68% of his constituents. He further insulted their intelligence by claiming to take a principled position in order to keep healthcare costs down. This disgusting LIE by the senator from the corporate state of insurance companies is all the more outrageous because it flies in the face of CBO estimates that significant deficit reduction of more than $100 billion would result from a robust public option.

The arrogance of Democratic insurance company shills -- recipients of millions in campaign contributions from an industry that is spending $1.4 million daily to defeat healthcare reform -- senators like Landrieu and Lieberman, is breathtaking. Wallowing in their crass betrayal of the public interest, these senators are still living in the corrupt past, a familiar world of backslapping backroom deals with corporate lobbyists that so diminished the American people's faith in government.

As Lieberman reinforced his tone-deaf politics in yet another losing presidential bid, the people's faith renewed itself and crystallized around the candidate whose promise of "hope" and "change" swept him into office in what was a transformative, generational, paradigm-shifting election. Those fundamental facts have not changed, despite the hard reality of governing in the worst economic climate since the 1930s, amid an obstructionist Republican Party bereft of ideas other than defeating the President of the United States for political gain. To the contrary, pushback from a reactionary coalition of losers at the polls and corporations fearing their imminent loss of power and influence in Washington, makes the need for reform all the more compelling.

The old-style corrupt pols who are standing in the way of reform cannot look beyond the D.C. beltway to the new political paradigm that fueled the Obama victory. In their myopic view, the thousands of white proto-fascist screamers waving racist signs at town hall meetings and Tea Bagger rallies compare to, even supplant, the millions of committed Obama voters -- progressives, independents, and moderates -- that understand the urgent need for reform of our healthcare and financial institutions systems is an economic imperative central to our nation's future growth and prosperity. This reality has not yet sunk in for Lieberman, and never will unless he feels its lasting sting. As President Obama has so often said, change is hard and he cannot do it alone.

Let's send Joe 'Low-Blow' Lieberman a message. There is a grassroots, millions-strong digital network, in his state and around the country, that will not sit idly by while he derails healthcare. Our netroots of committed voters, 21st century activists that can shake out the obstructionists' lies and instantly broadcast them on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and the blogs, is ready to exact a political price from 'Low-Blow' Lieberman for his obstinate stance against the public interest.

Please sign the petition urging Harry Reid and the Democratic Party to punish Joe Lieberman should he stand in the way of healthcare reform. It's time to flex some badass progressive muscle.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Sen. Mary Landrieu, First DINO Hall of Shame Inductee, Gets Target Landrieu Ad

Satan's mistress, Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, needs some mighty strong voodoo magic to break out of her demonic possession by wealthcare insurance company goblins. Seriously now, turning to the upcoming Senate vote on healthcare reform, out netroot friends at ActBlue need contributions to get this target Landrieu ad on the air:

"We’re not pulling punches. We need to turn up the pressure on any senator who might be a Turncoat Democrat who supports a Republican filibuster. It’s time to bring back our hard-hitting ad pressuring Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana to support a public option. If we raise $100,000 by Thursday, we can blanket the airwaves and turn up the pressure for Mary Landrieu back home before she decides how to vote in D.C."

Dovetailing nicely with this ad will be the first Keith Olbermann-sponsored free health clinic in Baton Rouge, La. November 14 to publicize the urgent need to pass healthcare reform with a public option. Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary's ears will be burning ... With all the negative buzz swirling around her, there's an excellent chance she'll flip back to her original position favoring a public option. Please contribute what you can here.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

AP Headline Writers: Go Fuck Yourselves

"House health care bill has nowhere to go in Senate (AP)"

1) Of course not. The Senate will introduce and pass its own legislation.

2) The continued media kowtowing and assigning of power to the handful of "Democratic moderates" rather than the actual functioning majority of the Senate is pathetic.

3) If Harry Reid doesn't get a bill with a public option passed by hook or by crook, something that will eventually end up with President Obama's signature, then he should be beaten with Joe Lieberman's face.

Correction, but I'm still right

INN points out in a comment to my post below that most people on a military base don't have weapons on them, and as such, my conclusion isn't valid. He's right, of course, and I probably should have looked it up before posting (considering that any circumstance which could be envisioned wherein I set foot on a military base is one I never want to consider).

I have a couple of responses, and I'm mostly sad that my schadenfreude couldn't bring a positive to a horrible circumstance.

1) I'm still right that they're still wrong. That has been proven. Guns in the hands of ordinary people in that situation only lead to more people getting killed, not less.

2) If there was one MP in the building, he or she would still be more effective than virtually any non-combat trained person with any gun you'd care to mention.

3) One has to wonder if this guy would have gone on a murderous rampage if only the military wasn't filled with hate-filled bigots who can't seem to distinguish between a person of a particular ancestry who's chosen to put his life on the line for the same causes that you have and someone of that ancestry who is trying to kill you.